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I am a conservative, but less and less a Republican, finding myself more a libertarian as I've reached 50. I guess what I am discovering is that the older I get, the less I want others to have an affect on my life, unless we share some values. And so if I want this kind of freedom, the least I can do is provide the same for others who do not share my beliefs and values.

So here I am - living in a relatively free country, seeing more and more freedoms being encroached upon by well and not so well meaning people. I choose to bark about it online from time to time, vote for or against it when I can, and otherwise live my life the way that I choose.

I find it easy to criticize others and myself, but sometimes more difficult to understand what is behind the fire, the angst, the hate that I see and read more and more. I find myself feeling anger sometimes and have to check myself, as others have just as much right to speak up as I do.

I do not like people that just hate, and those that use empty logic, oversimplifying, using half the story to make their point while leaving out the rest of the information, as it muddies their argument - it's my opinion that being honest is a good thing, being mean is dumb.